How does the Data Recovery Process Work?

The team at Data Recovery Specialists aim to get most work completed within 72 hours of receipt – but how exactly does the data recovery process work?

Most of our clients get in touch with Data Recovery Specialists using the online contact form on our website, or simply by phoning us. Either way, you’ll speak to a real person, as filling in the online form will alert one of our call handlers, who will typically call you immediately. After taking some brief information and talking you through the process in as simple a way as possible, they’ll ask if you want us to take a look at your device.

There will be no hidden fees – in fact, you won’t pay a penny unless we can get your data back, except in complex scenarios, which will all be explained to you. There will be no scenario where you are hit with “hidden” fees as everything will be run past you first. In the past, we have charged an up-front fee for a diagnosis, however we believe that providing a free diagnosis and data recovery breakdown is better for both ourselves and our customers.

If you choose to send your device, you’ll be given a QR code to print off to send with your device, and a unique job reference number; if you don’t have a printer, make sure this number is included so we know whose device it is (we receive an alarmingly large number of devices into the data recovery lab that are unmarked!). This job reference number will then follow your device throughout the data recovery process, ensuring it is safe at all times. Our data recovery technicians strictly adhere to the Association of Police Chief (ACPO) guidelines on handling data and our data recovery labs are ISO14001 and ISO9001 accredited, so you can be sure that your data is safe in our hands.

There are essentially three main routes your device could take once it is in the data recovery lab, with three teams working concurrently to ensure all data is recovered as swiftly as possible. Upon immediate arrival into the lab, our initial assessment team will examine your device in order to diagnose the nature of the problem and determine whether or not data recovery will be possible. Often, no intrusive intervention is required, and you could have your data recovered and returned to you within 24 hours.

If donor parts and more intrusive physical data recovery is required, your device will progress to stage two, where our continued assessment team will work in our class 100 data recovery clean room to undertake any work. This will typically be completed in under 72 hours. This team specialises in severe head crashes, motor failure, and more complex logical and firmware corruption. In some cases, typically only with extremely technical work or data recovery from legacy formats, your device may move to stage three, where our specialist assessment teams will work on it; this may take slightly longer, but the team aims to complete all data recovery work in under 96 hours.

When you receive your data recovery diagnosis and no-obligation quote, you can either accept it and we will complete the work, or decline. If you decline, we will return your device back to you free of charge via courier.

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