Free Data Recovery with Windows File Recovery

If you’ve accidentally deleted an important file, have corrupt data you want to access, or wiped your hard drive, Windows File Recovery may be able to help.

Windows File Recovery lets you undelete files for free, whether it’s due to an accidental deletion or corrupted data. All data recovery software essentially works the same. When you delete data from a hard drive, the data itself isn’t actually gone; what’s been deleted is the master file table reference. The master file table (MFT) stores the necessary information required to retrieve files from an NTFS partition. When the reference in the MFT pertaining to a file is deleted, the portion of the drive it is stored on is marked as available, ready for new data to be written. Data recovery software like Windows File Recovery scans your drive for lost files, and can recover them as long as the data hasn’t been overwritten. For the chance of a successful data recovery, work as fast as possible.

You can download Windows File Recovery for free, and undelete a wide range of file types including .jpeg, .png, .mpeg, .doc, .docx, .mp3, .mp4, .zip, and more. The free data recovery software also allows you to recover data from solid-state drives (SSDs), USB flash drives, and SD cards, in addition to hard disk drives (HDDs). There are two modes: regular and extensive. Regular mode suits data that has been recently deleted, while extensive mode is better for data deleted a while ago, formatted disks, and corrupted disks. Recovering files from non-NTFS file systems is only available using extensive mode. It’s important to stress that you should minimise or avoid using your computer if you want to have a decent chance of recovering your data. The space occupied by your data will be marked as free, but using your computer can create files which may overwrite your data.

Windows File Recovery is a great way to recover data at home, for free – but it can’t work miracles. If your hard drive has suffered from a physical fault, or you suspect it is, then data recovery software won’t be able to help. If you hear an unusual noise coming from your drive like a beeping or clicking, this could be indicative of a physical fault, and you should consult a professional data recovery specialist.

Windows File Recovery can be downloaded here.

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