Data Recovery: Seagate Head Crash

Moving home comes with a whole host of problems, but data loss isn’t normally one of them. Unfortunately, though, accidents can happen, as a customer recently found out.

The client phoned our team explaining that her desktop hard drive, a 2TB Seagate BarraCuda, had recently started to make a ticking noise when in operation. Having recently moved house, she suspected the computer had become damaged in some way, and so took it to a local computer repair store, where they determined it was the hard drive at fault and directed her to Data Recovery Specialists. It is important to remember that data recovery requires the right skills, tools and environments, which most computer repair stores simply don’t have.

The client sent in the hard drive, which was passed on to our data recovery team. All physical data recovery work is undertaken in our class 100 clean room, which is vital to ensure a contaminant-free environment. Our data recovery team were able to determine that the cause of the noise coming from within the hard drive was due to a head crash, likely due to a knock or bump during the client’s house move.

A head crash occurs when a hard drive’s read/write heads come into contact with the magnetic platters. These circular platters spin in excess of 15,000RPM, and data is read from and written to the platters by the read/write heads, which hover a fraction of a millimetre above the spinning platters. While hard drives do incorporate technology to ensure that the heads don’t come into contact with the platters, a knock or bump can cause this to happen. A head crash, when caught early, can result in a successful data recovery, as was the case with this client. If left, however, data will become unrecoverable as the platters will be too damaged. The client was sent a quote to complete the data recovery, which she accepted, and around 1.5TB pf data was recovered, sent back to the client on a new hard drive.

At Data Recovery Specialists, we provide free, no-obligation quotes to all of our clients, so there are no hidden costs or upfront fees. If you accept the quote, our engineers will complete the data recovery; if you decline, your device will be sent back to you via courier, free of charge.

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