Data recovery in just 15 minutes!

Experiencing data loss once is rare, but twice is practically unheard of. However this is exactly what happened to one of our clients. Nevertheless they were prepared the second time around and were up and running within 15 minutes. 

After a week's downtime when their server failed previously, the client had chosen one of our proprietary disaster recovery solutions. Although they back up regularly to tape each evening, they had accumulated terabytes of backups. Restoring these would be a lengthy process and with over a hundred staff relying on real-time information, the consequences of more than a few hours downtime were unthinkable.

Our disaster recovery solution takes a "snapshot" of your server every hour and copies this to a selected hard drive or server. It works on an unlimited number of servers or workstations and more specialised applications like SharePoint or SQL. For piece of mind, the snapshot is stored in the Cloud and locally, Storage retention is customisable and you can select current data and create archives for older data. Lastly, you can launch any backup image as a virtual machine to safely test new software, access legacy applications or bypass trouble on your physical machine. If you do experience data loss, we can rapidly recover files, applications, exchange databases, mailboxes, directories or your whole IT environment.

Following the failure, we swiftly booted a backup image as a virtual machine and performed a bare metal restore of gigabytes of data within 15 minutes.  This kept the client working, whilst we were able to rebuild their serve